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Lotería de Comida™


Food brings people together and connects us all to the world around us

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SAVE 10% during "FIESTA" in the month of June. 

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© 2020 Tracey Maurer

Lotería de Comida™ Art Collection was created in the spirit of the historic game of lotería by layering photography,  art and digital media. 

Designed with food culture in mind,  this novel art canvas series features deeply saturated and textured images of classic Mexican food icons. 

Photographs and design by San Antonio based food photographer, Tracey Maurer.

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© 2020 Tracey Maurer


The Loteria de Comida™ Art Canvas Collection 

features iconic & colorful images to decorate your home or office.

Periodically a new set of canvases will be available for purchase.

SAVE 10% during "FIESTA" in the month of June. 

             Use Discount code:  Fiesta2021

Keep checking this site for updates!

10% of sales from this site donated to support local Food Banks during the pandemic.



"There's no time like the present to add a little color back into our lives"

Lotería de Comida™ is an original art-inspired project that started conceptually years ago when I was working on several food photography projects featuring Mexican cuisine in south Texas and in particular, San Antonio. I've always been intrigued by the cultural origins of food and how they relate to modern life.  While increasing my understanding of Mexican food and it’s unique ingredients, I became interested in many other aspects of Mexican-American family life. As a long-time San Antonio resident, I became reacquainted with the devoted fan base in South Texas for “bingo” and it’s Mexican counterpart called “lotería.” After further research, I soon became fascinated with lotería and its rich history & influence throughout Mexico and Europe dating back to the 15th Century. I appreciate how the game has inspired many artists throughout the centuries to create new and imaginative versions by using their own unique and often culturally significant illustrations. I thought it would be fun to combine two iconic facets of our local & Mexican cultures: a distinctive cuisine and a beloved social pastime.”

“After much creative trial and error, Lotería de Comida™ emerged first as a series of canvas art images and then later as a new food and art inspired lotería game - complete with a deck of 54 playing cards,10 tablets ( tablas ), 54 verses/poems in English and Spanish - and, of course playing instructions in both languages. Getting this off the ground in 2020 has been a challenging and rewarding experience. 

To purchase the game please visit our shop!

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© 2020 Tracey Maurer


Tracey Maurer

Tracey’s photography has a creative edge that reflects her background in Theatre and her lifelong appreciation and support of the arts. As a professional food photographer, Tracey’s images contributed to the success of custom marketing campaigns for her regional and national food industry clients. She has taught food photography workshops at culinary seminars and schools over the years.  She has been a guest instructor for The Culinary Institute of America in San Antonio and The Art Institute of San Antonio. Tracey has also taught food photography workshops for the Texas Department of Agriculture through their Education Service Center & Child Nutrition Programs, The American Writers and Artists Association and Les Dames d’ Escoffier International.

Tracey's most gratifying memories of her career resulted from working closely with prominent chefs and restaurant owners to create very personal and one-of-a-kind cookbooks.

"When you photograph food for a living, the quest to "become one with the subject" takes on a whole new meaning"
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© 2020 Tracey Maurer



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